Newark Liberty International (EWR)

UPS Cargo Facility:

  • This is the best option when available; in separate part of airport from main commercial terminals; wide open area with plenty of room for buses, trucks and equipment; quick/easy access to terminal


Terminal Gate:

  • When parked at gate: will be very tight with buses; security will not let you on the ramp until a few minutes prior to landing
  • Buses/trucks report to Post E off Bypass Road (see map)
  • International flights land around 5:00 PM – if you are due to land around this time you may experience significant delay upon landing
  • Control tower will have you circle for 45+ minutes or you may get held at your home airport before you depart; try to schedule to land prior to 5:00 PM

Airport Operations
Joe Schmo
Cell: (555) 555-5555

UPS Facility Manager
Bob Whatever
P: 562-524-5896

Post E Security
P: 527-963-5212

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